Rearrangeable List View Rows: Reminderer

Project View

I’ve been pretty busy at work, so I haven’t had as much time to work on Reminderer. The screenshot on the right shows the main page for Projects (aka categories)—you can now organize TODOs by project (1 project per TODO). Yes, the row height is too small to be user friendly but at this point I’m still working on the core functionality.

Rearrangeable List View Rows

One of the things that the UI will need is the ability to intuitively rearrange/reorder data, whether its projects or TODOs. I’m speaking of selecting a row and dragging it to a new location. Its built-in to Android 3.0+ but not in earlier versions of Android.

I was happy when I found this DevBytes tutorial for doing just that but unfortunately, (1) it doesn’t use the new Android functionality while at the same time it does not support pre-Android 3.0. Sheesh. (2) It’s not designed for a database/network provider. (It updates the provider every time a row moves over a new position, not when you put it in its final location. Too many updates.) (3) It’s complex.

To give credit where credit is due, the intern Daniel Olshansky coded a working implementation. So I’ve been cleaning up the code and adding a working implementation to Reminderer. Check out the progress over at the newFolders branch.


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