End of Phase 1: Reminderer

first screenshot

I finally finished the first draft of the alarm system! Yay. Screenshot on the right.

“Wait,” you might be saying to yourself, “That app looks like crap.” And you’re right. I’ve been focusing strictly on the back end. With that out of the way, I can now dog food the app. Normally, I work from the outside in—create a UI first then add backend functionality as needed. In this case, the alarm system is so straightforward (yet interconnected) that it made more sense to complete it first.

What’s next?

The immediate next step is to add folders or categories. Each alarm can belong to one folder/category. Each folder/category has its own view. You’ll also be able to add an unlimited number of subtasks to a task, with unlimited hierarchy. Eventually there will also be tags to put tasks in multiple categories.

I’m also going to start surveying similar apps.