Tether a Samsung Freeform II

  1. Go to Menu and then Settings.
  2. Press # and then enter 587846.
  3. Press # again and then enter 8886573982.
  4. Select the USERPREFS Editor.
  5. Look for DUN_Enable (or something like that) and set it to 0. (Yeah, 0.)
  6. Press Talk end to exit.
  7. Disable PC Connection in Phone Settings.

There ya go. Tethering via USB is now enabled.

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Wine (Probably) Made Me Lose Money

Years ago, Windows was notorious for being buggy. Linux users prided themselves on having a “better” operating system. The truth is that while Linux is better, it is not perfect. Unfortunately, that’s something we often forget. (Specially you fanboys!)

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Blogs Are Dead, Long Live the Blog!

This week I read a new Gawker article that basically states
that the blog format is dead. Yet here I am.

Where did “ikaruga” come from? It’s a shooter I used to play
on the Dreamcast. Honestly, I couldn’t play that game if my
life depended on it. But there was something about that game
that kept me hooked. On the one hand, it’s a uber fast-paced
puzzle—you need to figure out the right time when to switch
between the two ship modes. On the other hand, it’s so
beautiful, I could stare at it all day even if I sucked.
Yeah, video games as works of art. I wonder if I’m on to
something here!

Enjoy a YouTube clip of Ikaruga: